The Poll about the Online Courses

Important poll! I need your help :)

I'm going to make online courses about what I love and know how. First, I want to discover - what could be interesting, and who is my audience. Please mark those items which you might be interested in, if there are such, and tell me why:

1. Digital photography without words. A course in the universal language of pictures on the basics of photography, understandable for the beginners of the whole World. Exposure, depth of focus, lighting, composition, initial processing.

2. Graphic design without words for beginners. The course of the pictures about how to make a banner, flyer, postcard, poster, page, anything else, more or less competently, so that the audience does not feel sick. A little about typography, the choice of colors, composition, the use of photography and drawing in the design on examples, evaluation criteria, some technical details.

3. Mobile photography for yourself and for business. Point selection, framing, lighting, editing, publication in the Instagram, other details.

4. Studio photo on the camera with replaceable optics and manual settings. Features of shooting in the studio, the ability to control light and picture, equipment, briefly work with the model, the selection of images, processing.

5. Street photography with a camera, using natural light, working with a model, shooting strangers on the street, architecture, landscape.

6. PhotoArt - creative process, preparation for shooting, features of shooting for combined images, processing, digital collage (briefly).

7. Graphic design for those who can use editors on the computer. Use of various techniques, typography, logos, signs, deployment on media, choice of colors, composition, formats, applications, how to make prints for T-shirts and place them on service platforms.

8. Stop-Motion, TimeLapse and close technologies. Cartoons of objects and people, photo motion. Use the camera and your phone for shooting. Technical features of shooting. Sliders, tripods, Hyperlapse. Processing, editing, tricks and transitions. Application. How to make yourself cool video advertising for free.

9. Opening titles - design and production. The task of Main titles. What you need from the customer, setting the task. Materials for creating titles - from the film stuff, your own footage, CG, other sources, music, text. Structure. Typography. Timing. Logo of the film. Animation. Some tricks. Legal aspects, about which you should not forget in the contract with the customer.

Thanks in advance for the time spent - without you I have no info))

Any advice is appreciated.

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