How were designed the "Time Border" series Opening Titles.

The "Time Border" series is about the mobile application, downloaded worldwide, which lets people illegally move themselves to the past, and about special police service, who takes them back to our time. First of all we have designed logo and mobile interface of "Time machine" in dynamics, which moved people in time. We inserted the video to mobile devices and played it, shooting macro frames as if it were happen in real life. Along with it we should show the reaction of special police in different countries, so we have designed some police interfaces, which shows the detection of transition in time, map with the point, and alarming that moment. Than we shot some transferring people - a man with laptop (he was cut off later), girl on a pier and man in a car with smartphones. We created the transition process so that person covers with a mesh of green light points, than light itself with bright green laser flash, and disappears. We shone green laser with a mesh attachment to the person, than shot the plate without the object. Shot the projection of the laser beam, refracted through a curved glass on a wall, and applied it for transitions and over the edit. At the second step some people, walking on the streets were shot in time-lapse manner. For the cover shot we went to the Galata cape and shot the time-lapse sunset over Varna town from the high point. First take (the clock from D'Orsay museum Paris) was made from the still photo. The Production company sent us some action takes - horsemen, old woman with coins on her eyes, SWAT and it's car with lights. Well, now we have all the elements, so the stuff were edited and re-edited several times, color corrected to unreal violet-green gamut, and here is the result: Thank you for attention:)

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