How the "Margosha" opening titles was made.

The "Margosha" TV series depicts adventures of one man editor of glossy magazine, which was turned into a beautiful girl. The name Margosha is composed of diminutive names of Margarita and Georgy (Gosha). Pre-production First, we designed the logo with the signs of Venus and Mars together. It was decided to use the rough magazine layout as a graphic base of the titles imagery. Marker sketches, collage of photos, draft texts on paper cuts on white magnetic board. Such a messy, bright, saturated texture. We began from marker lines, some stop-motion animations on the board, than added printed photos. There were several versions of experiments until it came to the final look. Were prepared and printed all the credits on colored paper. As it shows a draft process of magazine assembly in exaggerated manner - we used different fonts, colors and sizes for every name. Heroes portraits from the video stuff were processed and printed as if they are on different media. Papers were ragged, and began the next step. Production In the middle of photo-studio, right on the floor were placed the magnet board, tripod with photo camera over it, soft flashes around, heaps of photos, papers, magnets and markers. First, we drawed lines, than composed papers, photos, magnets and text credits for every one title, and animated it frame by frame, shooting on camera. Besides, were shot some sequences of photo-motion stuff on the streets with car lights and blurry smudges to add some modern city feeling and dynamics. Post-Production In this case people should clearly see the credits, so we left animated first and last frames of every credit, and almost stopped them in between, using time remap. Stop-motion video were interchanged with some video of walking star and street shots. Over the edit we put lights to create fast dynamic flashes on transitions. The most funny things began when producers changed some names in credits. Some of them we had to shoot again, some we patched and changed, tracing the movement of papers. Really, the idea to shoot the credits were bad because often clients ask for the "empty" version for adaptation the titles to another language. All the background photos are from our own creative projects. You can see the resulting Main Titles in our Vimeo channel by the link Thank you for interest :)

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