How have been made the "Heritage" Opening Titles.

The series "Heritage" by IVAN producer's center tells about the search for the key to the treasures, stored in a swiss bank during several generations. That key was the photography, which is shown at the end of the Titles. The concept was to express the search of the key in the past and modern times, continuing in different circumstances. Have been chosen art-nouveau font to create associations with the start time of the series. Producers thought that he would distract the viewer from the prevailing modern part of history, but finally decided to leave this option, having tried a few others. We took some specific video from the film - roulette, gold, ballet, the main characters faces, hands, rummaging in a drawer. Needed a binder for the edit and some nervousness expression. So, we have shot the photography itself, old text through the lens in twitchy photo-motion manner. During assembly we realized, that there is much more historical stuff and almost nothing modern, so we shot arms with computer screen, fingering swiss banks, turning over book pages, papers, opening a suitcase. For the very beginning we painted a mysterious golden pyramid, made of foil with moving light. Now it was enough for completion the Main Titles. Color correction, animation of credits, and the resulting video is here:

Thank you for interest :)

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