Preliminary results of the Poll

Preliminary results of the survey showed the following distribution of interests (the main respondents are Bulgarian freelancers). We will be grateful if you also note those items that might interest you. 1. Digital photography without words 2. Graphic design without words for beginners 3. Mobile photography for yourself and for business 4. Studio photo on the camera with replaceable optics and manual settings 5. Street photography with a camera 6. PhotoArt 7. Graphic design for those who can use editors on the computer 8. Stop-Motion, TimeLapse and close technologies 9. Opening titles

The Poll about the Online Courses

Important poll! I need your help :) I'm going to make online courses about what I love and know how. First, I want to discover - what could be interesting, and who is my audience. Please mark those items which you might be interested in, if there are such, and tell me why: 1. Digital photography without words. A course in the universal language of pictures on the basics of photography, understandable for the beginners of the whole World. Exposure, depth of focus, lighting, composition, initial processing. 2. Graphic design without words for beginners. The course of the pictures about how to make a banner, flyer, postcard, poster, page, anything else, more or less competently, so that the aud

Designing several new Main Title Sequences

Working on several new TV Series Opening Titles. Work in progress is a big secret, so we will not show you any pictures before premieres. May be some parts of them when work will be done successfully:) Waiting waiting waiting waiting

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