How were designed the "Time Border" series Opening Titles.

The "Time Border" series is about the mobile application, downloaded worldwide, which lets people illegally move themselves to the past, and about special police service, who takes them back to our time. First of all we have designed logo and mobile interface of "Time machine" in dynamics, which moved people in time. We inserted the video to mobile devices and played it, shooting macro frames as if it were happen in real life. Along with it we should show the reaction of special police in different countries, so we have designed some police interfaces, which shows the detection of transition in time, map with the point, and alarming that moment. Than we shot some transferring people - a


We were shooting the most beautiful places in our unique Balchik town during several years, worked on layouts and post-production, and finally published the book for you:) BALCHIK photobook is available at Balchik: 1. Selena Hotel (43.405484, 28.163288) 2. Helios hotel (43.403593, 28.171414) 3. Marina Port Shop (43.405284, 28.160697) 4. Regina Maria SPA (43.402333, 28.144516) 5. Art-Gallery close to Blue Lion cafe (43.406996, 28.163348) 6. Regina Maria Hotel (43.402419, 28.144734) 7. Marina City Apartments (43.405860, 28.161129) 8. Bakalia (43.414481, 28.164154) 9. El Simpatico bar (43.405324, 28.160485) 10. Souvenir Shop opposite New Beach Bar (43.405650, 28.158048) 11. Lotos hotel (4

How have been made the "Heritage" Opening Titles.

The series "Heritage" by IVAN producer's center tells about the search for the key to the treasures, stored in a swiss bank during several generations. That key was the photography, which is shown at the end of the Titles. The concept was to express the search of the key in the past and modern times, continuing in different circumstances. Have been chosen art-nouveau font to create associations with the start time of the series. Producers thought that he would distract the viewer from the prevailing modern part of history, but finally decided to leave this option, having tried a few others. We took some specific video from the film - roulette, gold, ballet, the main characters faces, h

How the "Margosha" opening titles was made.

The "Margosha" TV series depicts adventures of one man editor of glossy magazine, which was turned into a beautiful girl. The name Margosha is composed of diminutive names of Margarita and Georgy (Gosha). Pre-production First, we designed the logo with the signs of Venus and Mars together. It was decided to use the rough magazine layout as a graphic base of the titles imagery. Marker sketches, collage of photos, draft texts on paper cuts on white magnetic board. Such a messy, bright, saturated texture. We began from marker lines, some stop-motion animations on the board, than added printed photos. There were several versions of experiments until it came to the final look. Were prepar

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